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Capricorn Marine Service Ltd specialises in lubricants, antifreezes, brake fluids, technical liquids, aerosol and automotive chemistry supply of well known oil brands into local Estonian market and worldwide bunkering.

Our company is part of OBK HOLDING, which is successfully engaged in lubricants business in 7 countries of east Europe and Baltic States since 1992.

Without being a part of the world vertically-integrated oil structure, we are the independent player in the oil market, always ready to offer the lubricants, necessary for you. The holding throughout almost 20 years cooperates with leading world manufacturers in the field of lubricants, autocosmetics, paint and aerosol paints.

As worldwide trader we supply TOTAL, AGIP, MOBIL,SHELL, CHEVRON and another marine lubricants for vessels in 200 ports. Our activity fields is Spanish ports, Turkey, ARA, Mediterreanian sea, ARA, Singapore, Panama, Ukraine, Poland but we would be glad to make our best commercial proposals to cover your needs.



Home About UsServicesTradingOur Philosophy and ValuesContacts